About Us

Our Lives with Blackmouth Curs

As avid outdoors people, Jeff and I were on the lookout for a breed of dog that would mesh well with our lifestyle. We quickly fell in love with the Blackmouth Cur only to find out that there were no active breeders of BMCs in Canada. After acquiring Tikka (in 2005), our first Blackmouth Cur, we were determined to promote this fantastic, athletic dog in our region, and began our breeding program.

Tikka’s first litter was born in 2007 and we were amazed by the positive and immediate reaction we received from individuals and active families, looking to add this rare breed of dog to their lives. Both Jeff and I enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, ice fishing (they are fine with winter), and our dogs go right along with us. Blackmouth Curs are happiest when they have a lot of space to play and run and receive regular and intense exercise. Our lives with these dogs have been exciting and active. We look forward to watching the joy these wonderful dogs will bring to all our puppy owners.


Kelly Schram