Northern Black Mouth Curs

Breed Standards for the Blackmouth Cur

As published by the National Kennel Club

These standards were adopted through the majority interests of the Blackmouth Cur, in the hope of improving the veracity of this old line cur tree dog. These are guidelines that should help prospective buyers and show judges to find the basic points desired. We hope to keep the original lines as developed by Mr. L.H. Ladner and others that hunt this fine line of dogs. The desired results will include the desired appearance and the desire to readily tree squirrels, coons, bobcats, as well as work well on bear and wild hogs.

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Temperament Points

The Blackmouth Cur should appear bold, confident, trusting, and loving with a master, neither too shy nor aggressive, but often showing distrust of strangers. The Cur has a strong treeing instinct and is a courageous fighter of game. Dogs must be able to work with other dogs as well as alone. They are possessive of property rights and good guard dogs.

Gait and Movement Points

Dog should move in a free swinging gait indicating speed, strength, and endurance. The head and tail should be carried erect. Jerky or awkward movements are considered serious faults.

Special Characteristics of Breed Points

The Blackmouth cur should appear very alert, well-muscled, and eager to please master, but not too friendly with strangers. Males should weigh from 40-50 lbs and 20 to 26 inches tall. Females should be about 10 lbs lighter and 2 inches shorter. Over or undersize is not a fault as long as a dog is well balanced.

Hind quarters (hips, back, back feet, legs and tail)

Hips and back showing great strength with good muscle tone, back slightly arched, back feet and legs should be straight and well-muscled showing strength and endurance, tail of medium length carried up well up. No bob tails.

Front Quarters (chest, shoulders, front feet and legs)

Deep broad chest showing plenty of lung space, shoulders strong and muscular, legs straight of medium length, feet catlike and well-arched, feet that turn in or out, overly large or splay feet is a serious fault.

Head and Neck (teeth, jaws, muzzle, ears and eyes)

The head should be wide, flat, strong jaws, with straight well matched teeth, overbite and underbite is a fault. Muzzle with black mask preferred: dark eyes and a black mouth with no loose skin are very desirable.

General Appearance and Coat Points

A well-balanced, short-haired cur with preferred colors of yellow, reddish-yellow, and blacks, some with white points. The ears should be short but hang down and the tail should be of medium length not bobbed.